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PV Packages – Overview

PHOTON SOLAR PV Packages consist of perfectly coordinated, high-quality, PV components - Made in EU - with a guarantee from the German manufacturer.

Depending on your special needs, we offer different types of PV systems as PV packages (self-construction kits) to you:

PV packages ON-GRID (grid connected)

For pure self-consumption or for self-consumption with surplus feed-in

PV packages ON-GRID with batteries (grid connected with storage)

For self-consumption with energy storage, grid connected

PV packages OFF-GRID with batteries (autonomous island systems, without grid connection) updated products

Reliable and intelligent power supply, based on German technology, for outback regions without public grid connection, expandable for grid connection (backup system against blackouts of the public grid), Modular OFF-GRID PV Package system, supported by our engineers from Germany.

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