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PV Water Pump Systems

PHOTON SOLAR is specialised in providing PV panels and PV systems for PV pater pump Systems worldwide.
Solar powered water pumps can deliver drinking water as well as water for livestock or irrigation purposes. PV water pump systems are useful where grid electricity is unavailable and the use of diesel or gas generators cost too much money.
Our PV water pump systems reduce the daily consumption of diesel and fuel dramatically. By doing so, you can save a lot of money and reduce CO2 emissions.

Through its own in-house engineering team based in Germany, PHOTON SOLAR is able to design the optimal configuration to combine photovoltaic with either existing or new water pump applications.
In order to maintain high efficiency and long-term stability of the performance, Photon Solar favourites PV panels of the PH-series combined with water pump products of leading manufacturers such as Lorentz, Germany for example.

For the special use of PV water pumps, PHOTON SOLAR recommends the polycrystalline PV Panel PH Series such as types PH-250P-60 EU, PH-250P-60 (PTN) and PH-230P-60 (STN). Especially Type PH-230P-60 (STN) is ideally designed for the use of water pumps due to the optimal voltage.

PV Panel Datasheets:

References: PHOTON SOLAR & AE PHOTONICS – MAROC installed more than 200 PV Water pump systems in the region of North Africa. The favourite PV panel types are PH-250P-60 (PTN) and PH-230P-60 (STN) combined with LORENTZ pumps.

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