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PV Mounting Material (sub-strucuture, wire & connectors) 

We offer high-quality, stable and statically tested mounting material for your planned photovoltaic system to you. Our sub-structure contains all the necessary components for the DC installation from the panels including wiring to the inverter, and is suitable for all available roof types (tile, trapez, steel, flat roofs etc) as well ground mounting.

In addition to that, we provide all other required PV equipment such as PV wires, connectors for serial or parallel wiring, battery wiring, battery fuses et cetera. We deliver directly to to the project site either within Germany or worldwide.

Here are a some examples of our PV mounting techniques:

Roof hook  

 Hat profile holder

Hanger bolt set
(Stockschrauben Set) 

Module clamp 

If you are a professional installer, please choose required mounting material parts on your own from the below list to order your individual mounting material set in accordance. 

If you are a non-professional installer and need assistance to select the required mounting parts, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you to select your required components and design your customized mounting material set in accordance to your local project parameter. 

 Mounting material components list & prices download 

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