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PHOTON SOLAR Germany – Company Profile, Products and Services 


PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH, located in Erkrath (nearby Dusseldorf), Germany, is a specialist in the field of renewable energy with focus on photovoltaics (PV) solar power. PHOTON SOLAR – Germany is a professional PV solar panel producer, panel wholesaler and system house (completed PV packages) offering its solar products to private and commercial customers with shipments worldwide.

For local projects in Germany, we manage our own professional installer’s team with up to 50 workers, offering project planning, system design and turnkey installations of large-scale PV roof-top projects up to 750KWp. 

Through our own warehouse in Heiligenhaus (nearby Dusseldorf), Germany, we distribute high quality photovoltaic panels of the PHOTON SOLAR - Made in EU - series as well special offers of other international manufacturers from stock Germany. 

PV systems are offered as standardized, completed packages including PV panels, inverter, battery storage, mounting system, wiring sets and connectors with free delivery inside Germany. For foreign customers, systems can be exported with additional transport costs. Shipments to Scandinavia, Switzerland and other European countries by truck, shipments to Africa and overseas by sea freight (LCL or FCL) from sea port Hamburg (DE) or Rotterdam (NL).   

PHOTON SOLAR PANELS - Made in EU - and special offers 

Mono crystalline high efficiency pv panels with black cells in standard design (white back sheet) or full black design (black back sheet). Poly crystalline premium PV panels with blue cells. PHOTON SOLAR mainly provided 60 cells pv panels with high efficiency state-of-the-art technology in the standard frame size 1640 x 992 mm.    


All PV panels offered by PHOTON SOLAR are produced with high-efficient A-Grade crystalline cells, IEC 61215 + IEC 61730 certified by the German TÜV or KIWA institute and offered with 25 - 30 years performance guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Strict production control in accordance to high German production standards maintain high quality in all steps of the production line until product completion and supply. 

PHOTON SOLAR - total product range: 

- Mono and poly crystalline PV Panels - PHOTON SOLAR - Made in EU
- Series - regular product  

- Mono and poly crystalline PV panels - SPECIAL OFFERS - of other international manufacturers - from stock Germany 

- On-grid PV Systems (completed packages) with RCT energy storage - Made in Germany , high voltage (HV) lithium batteries, storage system (inverter and batteries) from the same, German manufacturer, 10 years guarantee on the batteries, grid connected systems for countries with stable public grids such as: DE, NL, CH, BE...) 

- On-grid PV Systems (completed packages) - without energy storage (grid-connected systems for all markets)  

- Off-grid / Island PV systems (completed packages) - for autonomous and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) - various package sizes - with 24V or 48V solar lead gel battery storage - 220/230V power supply - optimally designed for regions with no public grid or with unstable public grids (power blackouts) such as Africa, Venezuela, desert or high mountain areas etc. The package contains a high-quality solar inverter & charger - all in one device - produced by PHOTON SOLAR Germany - easy to install - high premium completed product with quality management and supply from Germany. Export product. 

- Turnkey installation - roof-top pv projects in Germany up to 750KWp - planning, technical design, PV components supply, roof renovation (roof renewal), DC + AC installation of PV System, commissioning. 

For more info about the PHOTON SOLAR products & services, please check our website (German: or English: or do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will be happy to assist you.                     



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