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DELTA PV inverters                                                                      


DELTA ELECTRONICS, Inc., headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, was founded in 1971 and is the world's largest manufacturer of switching power devices and direct current (DC) fans. The company is listed at stock exchange and employs 80,000 people with an turnover above USD 7 billion in 2012. Another branch of Delta Electronics is the development and production of photovoltaic inverters, which are part of the PHOTON SOLAR product portfolio in the field of PV projects and PV package deliveries to German and international customers for many years.

DELTA has production facilities, sales offices and service partners worldwide.

PHOTON SOLAR PV packages contain DELTA inverters to reach an optimal price-performance ratio at the highest performance level. Please check out our Packages and prices and see yourself.

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 Economical & profitable

 ● Transformerless PV inverters with highest efficiency up to 99% 

● Easy installation thanks to the plug & play concept, low weight and compact design 

● Fanless cooling concept (based on natural convection) for devices up to 10 kW reduces maintenance costs and noise 

● Optimal price-performance ratio 

● Integrated step-up setting for a wide MPP voltage range and higher feed-in power, especially in the morning and evening


Stable & secure 

 ● 5-year standard guarantee, guarantee extensions to 10, 15 and 20 years possible

 ● Strong and stable financial development with steady annual sales growth

 ● Degree of protection IP65 allows installation indoors and outdoors

 ● Extensive technical support and free service hotlines in many European countries


Adaptable & flexible

 ● Wide input voltage range from 30 V to 1100 V (depending on the model)

 ● German BDEW medium voltage certificate for inverters from 30 kW

 ● Highest performance even at higher ambient temperatures

 ● Commissioning and cloud-based monitoring via the MyDeltaSolar app


Wide product range for every need

 ● Single-phase FLEX inverters with an output power of 2.5 - 5 kVA for private and small commercial PV systems

 ● Three-phase inverters with an output power of 6 - 30 kVA for private and commercial PV systems

 ● Three-phase inverters with an output power of 50 - 140 kVA for medium and large PV systems in the commercial or agricultural sector

 DELTA inverters - overview (all models) 

 Inverters price list for new and existing PV packages customers of Photon Solar

The following DELTA inverter data sheets you can find in he download area of the manufacturer*s website or at PHOTON SOLAR upon request.

Delta RPI H2.5 Flex
Delta RPI H3A Flex
Delta RPI H4A Flex
Delta RPI H5A Flex
Delta RPI M6A
Delta RPI M8A
Delta RPI M10A
Delta RPI M15A
Delta RPI M20A
Delta RPI M30A_120
Delta RPI M50A_12s
Delta RPI M70A
Delta RPI M88H_122 CF
Delta RPI M88H_121 ST
Delta RPI M125HV


Further inverter information: 
Legally required documents, such as certificate of conformity, data sheets, and other certificates, as well a tool for individual inverter / PV module string planning, can be downloaded directly from the inverter manufacturer website. To do this, please visit the inverter manufacturer's website. » Partner-Links.

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