solar collectors Photon-Solar-MS-360M-120-HC


360 Wp mono crystalline photovoltaic panel  

High-performance solar panel with high efficiency half cut cells technology  - 12 years product and 25 years linear performance warranty!

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IEC61215 & IEC 61730

pallet prices: 
valid until Aug 31, 2020 
10.8 KWp (30pcs) = €0.31/Wp
21.6 KWp
(30pcs) = €0.30/Wp
plus 19% German VAT

360Wp+ PLUS - highest efficiency - pv panels pallets at wholesale prices !  

This type of solar panel is characterized by high performance and efficiency with long-term reliability. Monocrystalline high-performance cells (premium quality) guarantee a very high degree of efficiency (high performance at limited panel area). By connecting 120 half cells (Half Cut Cells), the panel achieves a 10W higher yield than the comparable module with 60 full cells. In addition, HC cells generated more yield under unfavorable lighting conditions (shading, amorphous light ...) compared to conventional cells. Due to the high wattage of 360Wp per panel, you achieve high system performance with fewer panels and thus save on installation material and labor costs. Due to the economic advantages, this panel type is ideal as a project module for larger solar systems and solar parks.

  • PHOTON SOLAR MS-360M-120 HC 
  • Highest power at low price (half cut cells panel for higher power returns) 
  • power size: 360Wp
  • 192.51 Wp nominal power per sqm
  • 120 cells (166x166mm), mono crystalline high-performance power solar cells (premium quality, latest state-of-the-art half cut PERC technology) 
  • highest cell efficiency = highest panel efficiency 
  • positive power tolerance (no minus): 0 to 5 Wp
  • panel size: 1776 x 1052 x 35 mm (20.5 kg)
  • Module cable lengths defined for upright mounted modules (connection on the long module side). For horizontally mounted modules (e.g. east / west elevation) additional cable connector pieces are required (€ 2 per module).
  • panel frame: grey anodized aluminum 
  • certified: IEC61215, IEC61730
  • high mechanical pressure ability: 3600pa 
  • 12 years product- and 25 years linear performance warranty. 
  • pallet 30 panels: 30 x 360 Wp = 10.8 KWp package details: 1800 x 1150 x 1195, 664 kg  
  • double pallet 60 panels: 60x360Wp  21.6KWp package details: 1800 x 1150 x 2390 mm, 1328 kg
  • full pallets from stock Rotterdam, NL, plus freight. 
  • quantities less 1 pallet from stock Heiligenhaus, NRW, DE against price premium, plus freight.
  •  pick up prices EXW warehouse, freight costs extra 
  • Photon Solar MS-360M-120 (HC) Datenblatt (PDF) 
360Wp mono - 120 cells 

(1776 x 1052 x 35 mm)


Sales Prices
(net plus 19% German VAT tax, plus freight)

Full pallets pick up prices EXW warehouse Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Quantities less 1 pallet or unequal full pallets pick up prices EXW warehouse 42579 Heiligenhaus (NRW), Germany with price premium (commissioning and package fee for warehouse).  

In case of delivery please add transport costs. Transport cost do vary in accordance to volume, weight and distance.  

Scaled prices of the 360Wp panel (net plus 19% german VAT)

Special offer pallet prices valid until Aug 31, 2020 only (as long stock lasts) 

from 1 pallet
(30 panels): € 0.31/W
360Wp panel unit price: €111.60
30 x 360Wp     = 10,800 Wp (10.8 KWp) 
30 x €111.60   = €3,348.00

from double pallet (60 panels): € 0.30/W
360Wp panel unit price: €108.00 
60 x 360Wp     = 21,600 Wp (21.6 KWp) 
60 x €108.00   = €6,480.00  

from 108 KWp (300 panels): € 0.29/W 
(10 pallets each 30 panels) 
360Wp panel unit price € 104.40

300 x 360Wp   = 108,000 Wp (108 KWp)
300 x €104.40 = €31,320.00

Small quantities less 1 pallet with price premium:  
according to availability EXW warehouse Heiligenhaus, NRW, Germany. 

20 – 29 panels add  €0.03/Wp premium 
13 – 19 panels add €0.05/Wp premium 
9 – 12 panels add €0.08/Wp premium 
5 - 8 panels add €0.10/Wp premium 
3 – 4 panels add €0.20/Wp premium 
1 - 2 panels add €0.30/Wp premium 

Prices in Euros net plus 19% German VAT tax, plus transport costs. Subject to our Legal Terms and Conditions of Business (AGB).


 Photon Solar MS-360M-120 (HC) Panel Data sheet (PDF)

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