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PHOTON SOLAR - PV Panels - Overview & Prices 


is a German manufacturer of high efficient crystalline solar panels with production lines in Germany and abroad (Made in EU). The product portfolio consists of mono- and poly crystalline solar panels of all power sizes as well special panels in accordance to individual and customized needs. PHOTON SOLAR panels are offered with a 30 years performance guarantee provided by the German manufacturer. 


PHOTON SOLAR PV Panels Overview & Prices 

The following is a an overview of the solar panels of the PHOTON SOLAR EU and DE series. For more info such as data sheet and prices, please click on the link of the selected panel type. 

PHOTON SOLAR - Made in EU - panel series - 30 years guarantee: 

( mm ) 
(country of origin)
330 Wp poly crystalline (72 cells) SC-330P  1957 x 992 x 40  Big frame  Made in EU
310 Wp mono crystalline (60 cells) SC-310M
1640 x 992 x 40  Black frame   Made in EU 
300 Wp mono crystalline (60 cells) SC-300M-FB
 1640 x 992 x 40    Full Black   Made in EU
290 Wp mono crystalline (60 cells) PH-290M-DE* 1650 x 990 x 42  N/A Made in Germany
280 Wp mono crystalline (60 cells) PH-280M-FB-DE* 1650 x 990 x 42 N/A Made in Germany
270/ 280 Wp poly crystalline (60 cells) SC-280P 1640 x 992 x 40 270 or 280Wp  Made in EU
250/260 Wp poly cryst. (60 cells) PH-250/260P-DE*
1650 x 990 x 42  N/A Made in Germany

*) DE-panels (Made in Germany) are currently not available. DE panels upon request , must be produced upon order (only large scale project orders). 
In comparison to DE-panels, our EU-panels (Made in EU) are regularily produced and always short-term or mid-term available.           

 Photon Solar EU panels are produced in the European Union and issued with a 30 years performance guarantee from German Manufacturer. 

 Download panel prices: 

Photon Solar PV panels - SALES PRICES - Q3 2018 (PDF) 

TRINA SOLAR - Honey panels series - Made in China - 25 years guarantee: 

Trina Solar is the larges panel manufacturer in the world (for more info click following link). 

POWER SIZE and CELLS  panel type   Frame size 
remarks   production 
270 Wp poly crystalline (60 cells)  TSM-270-PD05 (Trina Solar)   1650 x 992 x 35 mm   German stock   Made in China  
275 Wp poly crystalline (60 calls)  TSM-275-PD05 (Trina Solar)   1650 x 992 x 35 mm   German stock   Made in China 

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