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located in Erkrath, Germany, is a solar system supplier and manufacturer of high efficient crystalline solar panels with production lines in Germany and abroad. In addition, PHOTON SOLAR plans, designs and and installes turnkey PV projects in Germany (roof top systems from 30 - 750KWp) for investors. Due to our investors large scale panel volume orders, we are able to offer PV panels at lowest possible project prices to you. As we only sell panels that we also use for own projects, you can be confident to get the best.  Panel overview click here.  


PHOTON SOLAR`s product range includes mono and poly crystalline PV panels with 30-year performance guarantee from the German manufacturer as well PV packages in all power sizes at a fair price. 

We are managing our own professional installers team offering turn-key solutions nationwide in Germany. 

PHOTON SOLAR supplies either PV panels or complete PV packages, including panels, inverters, energy storage, sub-structure and mounting material. Trough our authorised global sales partner network, we professionally supply foreign customers with shipments from Germany (export).

Warehouse: Solar panels EXW warehouse Ziegelstrasse 9, 42572 Heiligenhaus, Germany. Pickup or delivery possible.

Realize your photovoltaic project now - we deliver worldwide - we will be happy to support you!


  30 years guarantee from German manufacturer 


310Wp mono - strongest EU panel 
SC-310M-60, Made in EU, highest efficiency, mono cyrstalline solar panel, 1640 x 992 x 40 mm, 30 years linear performance warranty!


now in stock - EXW 42572 Heiligenhaus, Germany

PHOTON SOLAR PV system types (PV packages) 

Grid-connected PV Packages without energy storage: Sun power production and consumption in the day time. Grid connected PV systems for own power consumption and surplus feed-in to the public grid (zero-feed-in function optionally).  various package sizes: 3.2KWp + 5.4 KWp + 10 KWp + 29.7 KWp + 99.9 KWp etc.  Link for more details (data sheets) in German click here.  

Grid-connected PV packages with energy storage: Sun power production in the day time with 24 hours consumption (also in the night). Grid connected PV systems with lithium batteries (LG Chem with 10 years guarantee) for own power consumption and surplus feed-in to the public grid (zero-feed-in function optionally).  various package sizes: 3.2KWp (3.3KWh), 5.4KWp (6.5KWh), 10KW (9.8KWh) etc.  Link for more details (datasheets) click here. 

Automomous PV packages (Island Systems), Off-grid and on-grid backup systems: Autonomous runnig PV Systems without any connection to the public grid. Sun power production in the day time with 24 hours own power consumption. Our systems can be also designed as on-grid systems with backup function to bridge public grid blackouts, or with additional AC entry for an external power generator (e.g. Diesel genset). various package sizes: 3 KW (24V systems), 5 KW (48 V systems)  Link for for more details (data sheets) click here.
PV Packages

Certifications Institutes of our PV Panels:
Photon Solar Partner

Leading Manufacturers of our PV inverters:

SMA KACO Fronius KOSTAL Danfoss

PHOTON SOLAR is member of:
DGS Deutschland + ISES International
DGS - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V.
More than 1.3 million people operate a photovoltaic system in Germany.
PHOTON SOLAR is member of DSC representing these people.

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