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10 KWp PV package
panels, inverter, mounting set
Download: DATA SHEET 

5 KWp PV package
panels, inverter with battery storage, mounting set
Download: DATA SHEET 

PROMOTION PRICE:  260W poly crystalline PH-260-P - €0.499/W
1 Pallet: 26 x 260W panels = 6,760 Wp (6.76 KWp) €3,373.00 
2 Pallets: 52 x 260W panels = 13,520 Wp (13.52 KWp) €6,746.00 
From stock EXW Erkrath, Germany - restricted contingent only. 

SPECIAL OFFER: 270Wp mono crystalline (black) - €0.499/W  
Double pallet 66 panels = 17.82 KWp = €0.499/W = €8,892.18  
Limited contingent: 42 double pallets available, from stock Rotterdam NL

218.4 KWp Modules Bundle: 840 x 260W poly crystalline €0.399/W
Limited, remaining contingent 3x840 = 2,520 modules = 655.2 KWp,  container units = 840 pcs , immediatelly available EXW Rotterdam, NL   

PHOTON SOLAR Photovoltaik Handel GmbH
, based in Erkrath/Duesseldorf-Germany is your professional and experianced wholesaler and system house for high quality photovoltaic products.

Through its own warehouses in Germany and abroad, PHOTON SOLAR delivers to various international clients by truck or sea way. The range of products vary from high performance PV solar panels, inverters, mounting sets, solar batteries, as well all inclusive PV Packages at fair and competitive prices.

PHOTON SOLAR Energy GmbH is German manufacturer of high efficient crystalline solar panels with production lines in Germany and abroad. PHOTON SOLAR is offering premium and powerful solar panels with 25 to 30 years German manufacturer performance warranty to its authorized sales partners in Germany and worldwide.

We will be happy to support you to realize your photovoltaic project. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance !



                                 panel frame size: 164 x 99.2 cm 

Currently our strongest panel:  Highest performance at smallest possible panel area. 300Wp power at frame size 164 x 99.2 cm. Highest cell efficiency at 22.65%. 30 years guarantee. In stock in NRW, Germany (PHOTON SOLAR NRW warehouse). Oktober 2016 - 300W Mono panel price decrease from €220/panel. Data sheet, prices and more info, please cklick here! 

NON-EU BEST-PRICE OFFER with 25years German manufacturer guarantee: 250W - 260W poly crystalline PV panels, type: PH-XXXP-60 PREMIUM International for NON-EU clients prices from CIF €0,43/W more info click here.

PHOTON SOLAR PH-Series PV Modules:

PH-260P-60 (250-265W poly) - HIGH QUALITY PANEL - FAIR PRICE ! 

Poly crystalline high quality pv panel - Optimal price/performance ratio  

18.6% cell efficiency, 164 x98.1 cm, 25 years German manufacturer warranty 



PH-290M DE (290W+ Mono)  - MADE IN GERMANY

Mono crystalline high efficiency pv solar panel  
20,6% cell efficiency, 165 x 99cm. 25 years German manufacturer warranty



Mono crystalline high efficiency pv solar panel - Strongest black panel
20,9 % cell efficiency, 165 x 99cm. 25 years German manufacturer warranty


PH-300M-60 (300W+ Mono) - STRONGEST PANEL !
Poly crystalline high efficient pv solar panel - highest power panel !
22.65 % cell efficiency, 164 x 99.2cm, 30 years manufacturer warranty

PV Packages (all-inclusive sets)
from 3 to 100KWp --->
PV Packages

Certifications Institutes of our PV Panels:
Photon Solar Partner

Leading Manufacturers of our PV inverters:

SMA KACO Fronius KOSTAL Danfoss

PHOTON SOLAR is member of:
DGS Deutschland + ISES International
DGS - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V.
More than 1.3 million people operate a photovoltaic system in Germany.
PHOTON SOLAR is member of DSC representing these people.

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